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Home : About Us : Client Rights & Our Responsibilities

Client Rights & Our Responsibilities

Equal Opportunity Statement 

It is the policy of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. to make no distinction in the provision of legal assistance to eligible persons because of race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political belief or affiliation, or any other consideration prohibited by law.

Notice of Client Grievance Procedure 

1.    As a client of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. (LAW), complaints about the quality of legal assistance received, or about the denial of such legal assistance, including language barriers, you can make that complaint orally or in writing to the Managing Attorney of the LAW office at which you sought assistance. 

2.    After you make a complaint, the appropriate Managing Attorney, or a designated substitute, will meet with you in person or by telephone. After meeting, the LAW staff person will advise you in writing of the resolution of your complaint. 

3.    If you are not satisfied with that resolution, you can file a grievance with the LAW Client Grievance Committee assigned to that office. File this grievance with the Managing Attorney. 

4.    If you file a grievance with the LAW Client Grievance Committee, you will have a chance to appear before that Committee, either by yourself or with a representative. When you appear, you may make either an oral or a written statement, or both, concerning your grievance. The Grievance Committee will meet with you within a reasonable time.  This will be considered an informal hearing.

5.    At the informal hearing, LAW's attorney or non-attorney staff who are the subject of your grievance may also be present. At the end of the hearing, you will be given the opportunity to make a statement, which will be transcribed, for inclusion in your complaint file.
6.    Within a reasonable time, you will be notified in writing of the results of that hearing and any recommendations of the LAW Client Grievance Committee.

Contact the Managing Attorney of the appropriate Legal Action office.

Notice of Language Access Rights 

It is the policy of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. to provide language access services to populations of person with Limited English Proficiency who are eligible to be served or likely to be directly affected by our programs.  Such services will be focused on providing meaningful access to our programs, services, and/or benefits. You have the right to a qualified interpreter service at no cost to you. You have the right not to be required to rely on minor children, other relatives, or friends as interpreters. You have the right to file a grievance about the language access services provided.

Notice of Request for Reasonable Accommodation 

If you need printed material interpreted in an alternate format to accommodate a visual impairment, or if you have a disability and need assistance in using our services, please inform us. This is also available in Spanish and Hmong

Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System Consumer Notice