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Consumer Law

Our Consumer Law Priority Committee works to counter the most egregious and predatory practices that target low-income consumers.  We give special consideration to cases where people are at risk of losing basic necessities, such as housing, utility service, or income.

Most often, our Consumer Law Priority Committee works on these types of cases:

  • Mortgage foreclosures resulting from sub-prime mortgages or home equity loans
  • Utility shut-offs and restoring utility service
  • Creation of Lifeline utility rates
  • Payday loans, car title loans and other predatory lending practices
  • Bankruptcy to avoid garnishment (for persons with an income) and when the debt prevents the person from getting a drivers or occupational license so they can work.  For bankruptcies, our assistance is often limited to legal advice.

If you are a low-income person with a consumer law problem, contact Legal Action to learn whether Legal Action’s Consumer Law Priority Committee can help.