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Volunteer Lawyers Project

2016 Fall Training registration is now closed.  More information posted here.  

Here's your chance to get involved with a project that truly seeks to make justice more just.

Fill out our general registration form.

The private attorneys who volunteer their time through the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) believe in the principle of equal justice -- of making "justice for all" more than just a promise.  These attorneys are convinced that our legal system must work for all of its citizens.  Each year, VLP attorneys donate more than 9,000 hours of legal work while balancing busy lives and their own caseloads.

Legal Action's volunteer lawyers help people like these:

    * A battered woman is evicted from her home because of an abusive boyfriend.
    * A person who is mentally ill and has been forced into bankruptcy.
    * An elderly homeowner faces collection on home-improvement work never performed.

The Benefits

Helping others, especially those who have no other options available, is often its own reward.  However, volunteers in our projects gain far more than satisfaction.  Our projects provide valuable experience.  As a VLP attorney, you can assist clients in need and advance your career:

    * Free CLE training for active volunteers, including professional-responsibilities training every November that satisfies the ethics CLE requirement
    * Comprehensive manuals at no cost
    * Experience in several areas of law
    * Courtroom experience and client contact
    * Malpractice insurance
    * Panels, projects and support so you can fulfill your pro bono obligations
    * Recognition
    * Flexibility - you may accept or reject cases as your schedule dictates
    * Mentoring - work with attorneys who have years of hands-on experience with specific legal issues

Getting Involved

Please click on the VLP Clinics link (in the left hand menu) or call the VLP Project Coordinator at 414-278-7722 or toll free at 888-278-0633.