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Success Stories

A Cry For Help In Another Language

Asai Kreelawen and her husband are both Burmese refugees living in the United States. She speaks no English.

When her husband attacked her and beat her one night while she was washing the dishes, she ended up in intensive care.  Her husband was arrested and their two children were placed in foster care while Kreelawen recuperated.

A judge suggested that Legal Action get involved because the Children’s Court case involving the children was going to end, and there would be no legal protections keeping their father away from them if he were released on bond.

Lawyers with Legal Action's Family Law unit took the case, and won orders of protection that prevent the father from seeing his children. Kreelawen is out of the hospital, pursuing a divorce and continuing to prosecute her husband for beating her, thanks to lawyers who feel that a language barrier should never be a barrier to justice.

(names changed to protect client privacy)