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Home : About Us : Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with Legal Action to discuss my legal problem? +

What kinds of cases does Legal Action handle? +

What kinds of cases does Legal Action NOT handle? +

Why won't you take my case? +

Can Legal Action take my case if I am in prison/jail and I need a lawyer? +

Why doesn't Legal Action handle personal injury cases? +

What is a low-income person? How much money can I make and still get help from Legal Action? +

Is there a charge for Legal Action's services? Do clients pay for Legal Action's services? +

Who can ask for help from Legal Action? +

What does 'screening' mean? +

What does 'intake' mean? +

What do I need to bring to the 'intake' or "screening" or have on-hand when I call? +

Where does Legal Action get its funding? +

Why do you ask people to donate to Legal Action? +

Why am I talking with a paralegal instead of an attorney? Is that okay? +

Why don’t you have legal advice or legal education materials on your website? +

What if I’m unhappy with Legal Action’s services? +

What if I'm happy with Legal Action’s services? +