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Home : Services : Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC)

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC)

Case Types
LITC attorneys, a certified public accountant, and enrolled agents provide free help to low-income taxpayers from any Wisconsin county on these IRS tax matters:
•    IRS Audits and Examination
•    IRS Appeals
•    IRS Collection
•    Earned Income Credit
•    Filing Status & Dependents
•    Innocent Spouse Status
•    Independent Contractor/Employee

LAW’s LITC does *not* assist in any criminal tax matters, any tax return preparation, or state tax matters.  The LITC does not answer any tax questions over the phone.

General Information About LITC Services
All communications between the taxpayer and LITC staff are confidential.  Although the LITC receives funding from the IRS, the LITC, its employees, and volunteers are not affiliated with the IRS.  A taxpayer’s decision to use LITC services will not affect the taxpayer’s rights before the IRS.  

Case Acceptance & Eligibility
Case acceptance is based on:
•    the amount of disputed tax
•    staff availability and caseload
•    the taxpayer’s income

LITC clients have different income limits than general Legal Action clients.  Generally, a person is considered eligible for LITC if they make less than indicated in this chart: 

Famly Size Income Ceiling

1           $29,425/year

2           $39,825/year

3           $50,225/year

4           $60,625/year

5           $71,025/year

For help with IRS tax matters:

  • Call 414-274-3400 or (toll free) 855-502-2468
  • Leave a message with your name and a daytime phone number
  • A Legal Action LITC staff person will call you as soon as possible and will make an appointment with you
  • Bring the following to your appointment:  any tax bills or letters from the IRS; any letters that you've written to the IRS; and any tax returns that are part of your tax problem.