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Home : Services : Reentry Legal Services Program

Reentry Legal Services Program

The DOES Project provides mentally disabled ex-offenders with the support they need to stay out of prison once they're released.

ATTENTION: Legal Action is limiting operations in reponse to the COVID-19 emergency. Please see details on our COVID-19 / Coronavirus Response Plan page under the "Contact us" heading. 

Nobody who’s been released from prison wants to go back. But many ex-offenders run into problems in the outside world that can lead them right back in. They land in communities where they have no family or friends, no place to stay, no job and no idea how to find one. They don't know how to connect with social services that could help them find shelter, food and legitimate employment.

These problems are even worse for ex-offenders with mental or physical disabilities. They need even more help in making the transition to life on the outside.  

Legal Action’s Reentry Legal Services Program offers that extra help to disabled ex-offenders, giving them a better chance of staying out of trouble.

As a disabled offender's release date draws near, Wisconsin's Department of Corrections refers them to Legal Action's Reentry Legal Services Porgram. Our lawyers work with prison social workers, community corrections agents, and others to ensure that the ex-offender will receive the benefits that will help them re-enter with success. such as SSI/SSDI, health insurance, and FoodShare -- and to get those benefits as soon as they are released.

With more economic security, these ex-offenders will be less likely to become homeless and unemployed, and are less likely to commit new crimes.

The Reentry Legal Services Program works with prisoners from 14 Wisconsin state prisons and has developed a unique working arrangement with the Social Security Administration and the Disabilities Determination Bureau that reduces SSI/SSDI application processing time.  

For more information, please contact the Reentry Legal Services Program via our Oshkosh office.